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EESW - Full electrical rewiring London SW area
Choose our best quality electrical rewiring service

Whether you have a large property or a smaller home, when you need some rewiring at your London property, EESW is the company to call. Our highly experienced and fully accredited team of professionals are always available, working closely with customers to assess the house rewiring they need.

We know that budgets are important to customers, which is why we always offer cost efficient methods and materials that bring the overall cost to rewire a house in London as low as we can possibly make it, without ever compromising on safety or work standards.

When our team does rewiring, they assess the property before starting, and agree the price and schedule to give peace of mind to our customers. From rewiring your home cinema room to doing a full scale house rewiring, our team will be on site on time and get the work completed with as little disruption as possible.

For guranteed high quality rewiring work, contact EESW today.

Does Your London Home Need Rewiring: How to Tell, Signs to Look For

When it comes to rewiring work in London, there are quite a few things you should keep an eye out for to work out whether you need house rewiring at your London property. If you worry about the cost of rewiring a house in London, be sure to check for the issue and warning signs we will discuss below to make any rewiring service worth your money and necessary.

Burning Smells

When people think about rewiring a house in London it is often because they can regularly smell burning around their home which they cannot identify the source of. Ultimately, rewiring in London homes where there is a burning smell often means that something is indeed burning, so you should quickly turn off the power at the circuit and contact your local electrical service team in London to check it out.

Flickering Lights

When your lights flicker or get dimmer it may just be time to replace your light bulbs or check that they are screwed incorrectly. That said, there may be an underlying problem that may need electrical service at your London home, often due to a wiring problem. At this point, an electrical wiring service professional should be called to check your London home.

Socket Problems

Even in the most carefully maintained homes, over time sockets can wiggle or even fall out the wall, meaning the time is right for replacement. This kind of wiring in London homes is commonplace, but if these things are ignored it can become dangerous, especially for young children who do not see the risks. Sometimes, rewiring work in London is done when homeowners hear recurring sizzling or buzzing noises. Getting an electrical service professional to check and tighten sockets is advisable for safety reasons.

Discoloured Switches / Outlets

Another issue that arises before people call for rewiring in their London home is the discolouration of outlets or switches, which can denote something such as a loose connection or that much of the wiring is faulty and/or dangerous. Loose connections can lead to arcing or sparking which can, in turn, cause small fires that cause the surface of the outlets to become discoloured. At this point, rewiring your house in London could be critical, as ignoring the discolouration can lead to life-threatening fires.

Blown Fuses or Tripping Circuit Breakers

Many of our call outs for rewiring jobs in London are to do with circuit breakers or blown fuses. Circuit breakers are a safety measure to prevent electrical fires, cutting off any electrical flow when a circuit can no longer handle the number of amps. Electrical rewiring service for London customers can be necessary when your electrical system becomes unable to handle the amount of electricity required or regularly used in your house for your home, as it is likely that chances are you have a blown fuse making the circuit trip. Rewiring a house in London is often needed due to bad wiring that has caused many trips or blows, and these things should not be ignored. An electrical rewiring professional at your London property can check your circuits and investigate just what the problem is.

Aluminium Wiring

In a report published by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, aluminium wire connections are more likely to fail which can cause overheating, often the cause of rewiring work we do in London properties. Eventually, this kind of overheating will likely lead to a fire, with aluminium wiring considered to be more of a risk than copper wiring. House rewiring in London is not always necessary, but it is important to note that the letters ‘AL’ on the jacket of the wiring will indicate that the wires are aluminium, but if you are uncertain, call a rewiring service professional in London.

Electrical Shocks

When it comes to electrics, even the smallest of electrical shocks is a huge warning sign that should result in you calling an electrical rewiring professional to check things at your London property. Plugging things in and receiving a shock suggests an outlet issue, not a faulty appliance, which is where a rewiring professional in London can help. If you experience this, call a rewiring service.

Rewiring an Old House London - How long does Electrical Wiring last?

When it comes to electrical wiring in London homes, theoretically at least, it can last up to 100 years or more. 
With wiring in London homes, however, the eventual  life span ultimately comes down to the condition of the outer sheathing of the cable which usually lasts around 50 years.
How well your house was built, what type of insulation and thermal protection was done, both things that contribute to and determine how long wiring lasts in London properties. Shed based wiring is usually not so well protected from moisture and other external factors will obviously combust faster and would require rewiring more often.

Electrical Rewiring London
What Does Electrical Rewiring Service London Involve?

What EESW will do when rewiring a house in London:

  • Assess any work required,  provide you with a full quotation before we start
  • Outline and Detail All work required to make your property safe
  • Check existing connections/house rewiring ensuring it meets legal requirements
  • Test your electrical circuit and fuse board for full functionality and safety
  • Check all sockets/power outputs to ensure they conform to building regulations.
  • Carry out the rewiring in your London property.
  • Perform a full electrical safety test on all our work
  • Provide a copy of a rewiring certificate for electrical installation .
  • Treat your property like our own.

Rewiring a House London – Is It Messy, Dusty And Disruptive?

When it comes to sizable maintenance bills that a homeowner can face, the cost to rewire a house in London can be one of the largest. Most of the rewiring we do in London requires the walls to be cut, chased and chiselled. This can result in a lot of dust, mess and re-plastering works.

EESW does a lot of house rewiring work in London, much of which takes place during a change of ownership, or during renovation works. When rewiring a house in London, this can be the ideal time to do it,  as the client can take time away from the property, and it’s likely they are planning other refurbishment works such as plastering and decorating anyway.

On some occasions, rewiring a house in London is done with people living in the property the whole time, for many reasons, such as the electrics having been overlooked for many years and becoming unsafe. Other times, our rewiring service in London is needed due to a landlord not being able to obtain the necessary paperwork to rent a property until the electrics are upgraded.

Our electrical rewiring service in London is customer focused, ensuring that all preparation and safety work is done, with the machines and tools we use when rewiring have dust extraction attachments to help move any dust into our hoovers and again helps reduce the leftover mess.